Alumni Search: How to Find Old Classmates for Class Reunions


Overview of Alumni Searching

Alumni are students who have graduated from a particular learning institution such as a high school, community college, university or training course.  Alumni often keep in touch using reunion websites and alumni website services, such as

People are interested in tracking down old classmates and school buddies for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to invite them to attend a class reunion. Class reunions are usually held at five-year intervals. Other reasons include: to reconnect and catch up with old friends, to track down that old high school girlfriend or long-lost love, or to inform others of the sickness or death of a friend.

Private investigators and police detectives may use alumni and reunion websites when conducting missing persons investigations. Such research websites may be helpful in determining who had last contact with a subject, and may even help determine their current whereabouts.

Resources and Websites for Finding Old High School and College Friends

Following are websites that provide high school, collect and university alumni information and classmate search resources.  Private investigators may also use the site for related purposes such as to conduct research in missing person cases, to track down debtors and to perform a skip trace. You don’t need to be a private detective, anyone can use these sites to find old classmates or old friends from college.

List of Alumni Search Websites

  • Alumni Archive – This website provides a comprehensive set of alumni feature such as a class directory, reunion post, message post, Military/DOD Profiles And Directory, Extensive Photo, Reunion and Movie Galleries, Year Book Archive, In-Memoriam list, Class Statistics, Activity Reporting, Polls, Jokes, Stories, Comics, Horoscopes and more.  Has links to many alumni websites nationwide.
  • Alumni.NET – A global alumni registry that includes millions or registered alumni from over 100,000 organizations around the world.
  • – Lists United States and Canadian schools, both domestic and international. is a leader in online social networking. The website connects millions of members throughout the U.S. and Canada with friends and acquaintances from school, work and the military.
  • – Find fellow alumni by searching hundreds of thousands of schools, colleges and universities from over 200 countries.
  • Our Class Online – Provides tools that quickly empower you and your classmates to create a reunion website to assist you in reuniting class mates.
  • Reunion Announcements – A free public announcement service for reunion committees and professional reunion planners to announce upcoming high school reunions.
  • – Lists US high schools and Canadian high schools. Alumni and people search services available as well.

If you’re searching for an old friend, lost love or classmate, it may be a good idea to search multiple sites, since no single site provides a comprehensive list of all schools, reunions or alumni. Also, we recommend using the messaging features such as discussion groups or message posting. Even if you don’t find the person in the database, posting a message on the site may help them find you at a later date. Sometimes, the best way to find someone is for them to know you’re looking for them.

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