How to Search for an Address Using Online Search Services

address search

Address search tools allow you to look up addresses and conduct reverse address, phone and email searches, and others.

Many address lookup tools offer the ability to search white pages, yellow pages, area codes and zip codes. In addition, many online address lookup tools allow you to conduct reverse telephone number searches to match a phone number to an address.

White page phone number data may be more up to date at certain sites, so it is usually a good idea to check out multiple websites to conduct the broadest possible investigation.

List of Address Lookup Tools

Following is a list of address search tools and resources:

  • People Search – Excellent Reverse phone directory search and many other unique public records look ups, background checks, and more.
  • – includes address lookup tools such as: People finder, White Page data, Yellow Pages, Public Records, Criminal Records, Reverse Directory, Zip and Area Codes, Phone Book Search, and more.
  • AnyWho – Provided by AT&T, allows you to search addresses for people, places and businesses.  AnyWho provides a free White Pages People Search so you can quickly lookup phone numbers listed in the White Pages phone book. The phone directory is updated weekly with the most current White Pages listings to help in your people locate. AnyWho White Pages lets you find someone’s phone number by name and location. Reverse Lookup lets you put in a phone number and find out who it belongs to. You can also perform a Yellow Pages queries to find local businesses.
  • CallerSmart – CallerSmart is an app that allows you to look up, block and share information about unwanted callers. The app is your connection to a community phone book that makes it fun to help others learn who is behind unrecognized numbers.
  • KnowX – KnowX was retired on July 31, 2017.
  • National Address Server – Given a valid U.S. postal address, this server attempts to rewrite the address in the proper format along with the ZIP+4 code. If it is successful, you can retrieve a Postscript or a GIF file of the address for printing, with a barcode! You can also view a street map of the address, from 2 different Internet map sites (MapBlast and MapQuest).
  • Pipl – Pipl’s query-engine helps you find deep web pages that cannot be found on regular search engines. Pipl is designed to retrieve information from the deep web. Our robots are set to interact with searchable databases and extract facts, contact details and other relevant information from personal profiles, member directories, scientific publications, court records and numerous other deep-web sources.
  • Spokeo – Spokeo is a search engine specialized in aggregating and organizing vast quantities of people-related information from a large variety of public sources. The public data is amassed with lightning speed, and presented almost instantly in an integrated, coherent, and easy-to-follow format. An excellent tool for research social media profiles and online presence.
  • Switchboard (now, see below) – Use this helpful website to look up names, phone numbers and street addresses of friends, colleagues and businesses, typically in less than a second. Switchboard was the first Internet directory to allow consumers to control their online identity and shield their email addresses from being spammed through a variety of listing customization features.
  • Address Search – is the leading online directory service.  Use the site to search the white pages.


  1. Nice list, thanks for sharing it. Pipl looks really useful, I actually didn’t know about it. We can also mention two pages that don’t appear on the list – and YELP. They also allow to conduct reverse address searches and have big databases.


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