About eInvestigator.com

About eInvestigator.com

eInvestigator.com began in 1996 as a basic website for a small private investigation agency in Florida. At the time, our online presence was little more than a website with company contact information, a description of our private investigation services, and links to internet resources. Over the years, our website has grown into one of the largest and, we think, best private investigation resource websites on the internet today.

Private Investigator Resources

The goal of our website has always been simple: to provide private investigators and those who work in related professions with a starting point for using the Internet in their daily work. The Internet has a vast collection of resources and information for detectives to leverage to help solve cases, find missing people, conduct background checks, and help law enforcement solve crimes.

We believe a private investigator should be an expert in using the Internet to find information. To help investigators accomplish that goal, our website has various tools and resources, investigation software, reference books, how-to articles, and links to help detectives find information quickly, solve cases, and satisfy their clients’ needs.

On our website, you’ll find helpful information on the investigation industry and related industries like law enforcement, private security, bounty hunters, skip tracers, legal researchers, and more. We also have links to valuable websites in every major information category to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

While private investigators remain our primary audience, we added resources and tools applicable to police officers, crime scene investigators, legal professionals, journalists, and everyday citizens.

If you’re an industry expert or have products and services to support the industry, please email us. We’re always looking for new and relevant content for our visitors. We’ll post a review of your product or online service and provide a link back to your website.

So start exploring our private investigator resources today. There are several ways to start. A great place to start is our list of Private Investigator Research Tools. Another great place to start is our Sitemap, which has links to every page and post on our site. If you’re having trouble, click on the hourglass icon on the right side of the navigation menu to search through our site. Let us know if we can be of any assistance.

If you have any concerns about our content, please review our Privacy Policy.

Good luck with your search.

About Brandy Lane Publishing, LLC

Brandy Lane Publishing, LLC owns eInvestigator.com, a publishing company focused on developing and managing a diverse portfolio of high-quality niche websites. In addition to eInvestigator.com, we manage the Directory of Investigation Professionals, which helps connect people who need investigative services with more than a thousand investigation professionals worldwide.


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