Rapper 50 Cent Under Investigation For Alleged Robbery

Rapper 50 Cent

It has not been the best of weeks for rap icon, 50 Cent. Generally, when global rap icons announce the release of a new album after a five year hiatus, they hope and even expect it to be received positively by the media and the public. However, when the rap legend returned to the stage with his G-Unit entourage at the Hot 97 Summer Jam festival, things took an ugly turn. A man who was invited on stage to engage with the rapper has now filed a robbery claim against 50 cent, stating that the rapper may have taken his chain while he was on stage. 

Slowbucks founder’s allegations

The alleged victim of the robbery is a man named Slow, who is the founder of the Slowbucks brand, widely acknowledged as one of the upcoming urban retail brands in the market. On June 5th, Slow organized a press conference in New York City where her discussed robbery allegations against 50 Cent. Civil investigator, John P. Bostany, who was also present at the press conference, has made a number of assertive statements declaring that there is every reason to believe that the rapper was involved in the robbery. 

A report from AllHipHop.com claimed that Bostany is currently looking to engage in a discussion between all relevant parties to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. Bostany released a statement saying the video footage from the concert clearly shows the rapper facing Slow, before turning away immediately after. While the footage does not explicitly show 50 Cent removing the chain from Slow’s neck, Bostany is convinced that the rapper did play some part in the robbery. 

The investigator continued by claiming that the entire ordeal was, in fact, a stunt to ruin the image of the fast-rising Slowbucks brand. The attorney stated that there was a great deal of evidence to suggest there was malicious intent on the part of the rapper and his G-Unit team.


50 Cent lying?

50 Cent claims that he was not aware of the incident and was not involved in any way. Bostany made a statement regarding 50 Cent’s interview with popular national RJ Angie Martinez on US radio, that the rapper had been lying about not being aware of the incident. He asserted that the video footage from the concert was more than enough evidence to suggest that 50 Cent had at least seen the robbery. 

While no official lawsuit has been filed, the civil investigator has made it abundantly clear that the investigation into the matter will continue. Bostany stated that the case had become a matter of principle more than anything else, claiming that 50 Cent’s status as a powerful and rich music icon, did not mean that he was not accountable for his actions, nor was he above the law.

50 Cent has refused to make an official statement on the matter. Following the Hot 97 Summer Jam Festival performance, 50 Cent announced that a new album is in the pipeline, with an expected release date to be sometime during November.

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