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Private Investigator training is offered by a number of specialized investigation training firms.  In addition, many colleges and universities offer detective training courses and continuing education programs that are beneficial for private investigators and those who are interested in pursuing a career in the investigation industry.  Some private eye training and development classes are available through home study courses.

The best resource for an overview of the private investigator profession is the Department of Labor – Occupational Outlook Handbook. The handbook describes the nature of private investigation work, working conditions, earning potential, qualifications, and other significant points for private investigators. The handbook also explains the general amount of P.I. education and training one should have to enter the profession.

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Private Investigator Training Resources

Following are private investigation and detective training courses and development programs and home study courses that will help you learn how to become a private investigator and do private investigation work.

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Be a Private Eye

Be a Private Eye – An excellent resource for private investigator education, information and private detective training. offers a series of online private investigator training courses that will teach you how to become a private investigator. The online courses teach you how to interview witnesses and obtain statements, how to conduct surveillance, skip tracing, private investigator gear, business ethics, and more.

Detective Training Institute

Detective Training Institute – The Detective Training Institute offers a State-approved home study course to become a Qualified Private Investigator. The Private Investigator Course trains you how to become a PI, the latest investigative techniques, including state-of-the-art computer on-line investigative strategies. Other topics covered include:

  • Background Investigation and Research
  • Tracking and Locating Missing Persons
  • Surveillance
  • Legal Investigations
  • Business Crimes Investigations
  • Starting Your New Career as a Private Eye

You can begin your private investigator training now – via home-study or online! You need no previous experience to get started in this exciting profession. Whether this is your first career or a career change, DTI makes it simple for you. You get detailed, step-by-step explanations with hundred of photographs that make it easy and fun to learn. And, most important, you can learn private investigation from home in your spare time, on your own time schedule.

Enroll online or via mail. Online counseling is available and students can send their exams for grading via fax or online as well.  Private Investigator and Detective Training School is a specialized private investigation school licensed by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education. This state approved online program can be completed by most students within 10 weeks.

We recommend downloading and reading the first lesson, which is available for free at DTI’s website. This will give you an idea of the high quality information you’ll receive via this excellent private eye training program.

Global School of Investigation

Global School of Investigation – Offers online training and distance learning programs for private investigation study. The web-based training courses teach you all aspects of private investigations, including: private investigations, insurance investigations, security, fraud investigations, skip tracing and bounty hunting.

Private Investigator Training from Burton Regan Detective Bureau

Address: Old Police Station, 116 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 6XD, West Yorkshire
WorkPhone: +44(0)113 270 7500
FAX: +44(0)113 277 8496
Email: [email protected]
URL: and

Our Private Investigator training promotes best practice with tutors that are time served expert PI’s. Burton Regan Detective Bureau specializes in debtor trace work, surveillances, corporate investigations, process serving, statement taking and interviewing.

As expert Process Servers we serve legal documents all over the UK using an established network of Private Eyes.

There will be a requirement for Private Investigators to attain a License from the SIA in the UK in 2010. We offer courses before and after the license requirement. With 20 years of day to day experience under our belt our training and tuition will be at the forefront of education available to the aspiring Investigator and Detective.

Full member of the Association of British Investigators.

Private Investigator Training and Security Training Programs

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR & SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS PROGRAMS – Train at home to be a private investigator, detective, security specialist, or to work in personal or executive protection and intelligence & investigations with these online courses and distance learning diploma programs from accredited institutions.


PIeducation – An internet based private eye education service provider for the Private Security Industry. They offer courses primarily to private investigators that require continuing education as a part of their license renewal. Several States have given approval for these courses as online continuing education.

Following are examples of PIEducation continuing education courses:

  • Surveillance training courses
  • Death investigations courses
  • Forensic photography coures
  • Interviewing witness courses
  • Bounty hunting training courses
  • Private investigation laws and ethics courses
  • Skip Tracing training courses

P.I. Academy

P.I. Academy – Private investigation training academy has a wide variety of training materials, seminars, and online courses to help you develop your skills as a P.I. The P.I. Academy provides access to the study materials for many state private investigator certification exams.

Rasmussen College – Criminal Justice Program

Rasmussen College – Criminal Justice Program – The Rasmussen College criminal justice program offers a career that allows you to have a direct positive impact on individuals, businesses, and entire communities. You can choose from a wide variety of criminal justice specialties, including law enforcement, corrections, psychology and homeland security.

  • Learn from current sheriffs, sergeants, and other seasoned law enforcement professionals
  • Gain real world insight through police ride-alongs, correctional visits, and other hands-on opportunities
  • Examine the social and behavioral issues involved in the study of crime to help you in the field

For more information, visit the website at

or contact:

Michael Schwartz
Rasmussen College
Address: 8300 Norman Center Drive Suite 300
Phone: 952-806-3900
FAX: 952-831-0624
[email protected]

Regis University Online Master’s Degree in Criminology

Regis University
3333 Regis Boulevard, Denver, Colorado
We offer an MS in Criminology both online and on campus. This degree provides an advanced critical analysis and exploration of criminal behavior, its causes, and its patterns. This degree will teach you to help predict and prevent crime of all kinds, including terrorism and white-collar fraud.

The MS in Criminology’s curriculum explores the political, societal and cultural factors that can contribute to or cause crime, as well as topics related to ethics and leadership, crime policy and prevention, and decision making. Students can personalize the course by using a criminological subject of special interest as an area of research and study.

Secrets of Top Private Eyes – “Secrets of Top Private Eyes” is a complete training course. The education course includes: Instruction Manual and Resource, Download with sign-up. (interactive web and printable PDF format) You’ll be learning secrets other people only wish they knew! If you intend to pursue a private investigation career, establish a home-based or private investigative firm, or if you simply want to know how to conduct an investigation, you need this information! More than 400 pages. 2) DVD Set: Four+ hour presentation accentuates up-close, unrehearsed interviews with some of the top private investigators and search experts in the world! Filmed on location in real work environments, our experts explain the many strategies and techniques they and other top investigators employ on a daily basis. 3) Members-Only Web Site will keep you up to date. You will have at your fingertips direct links to hundreds of online investigative sources. You’ll save many hours searching the Internet. You will gain access to our continuously updated Web version of the instruction manual and all its interactive links to the most pertinent (and practical) resources. You’ll be learning how to conduct investigations in just a few hours! And, not only will you save time and money by putting this valuable information to work, you’ll learn how to avoid the sometimes disastrous mistakes others have made. 4) Certificate of Completion Awarded. You will be proud to frame and display this custom certificate with your name imprinted. The DVD Set and the Members-Only Web Site work together to deliver the full scope of knowledge to learn how to conduct any investigation.

Utica College Intelligence and Forensics Degree Online

Phone: (866) 295-3106

Utica College’s Cybersecurity Master’s Degree Online focuses on a variety of cyber security education and training realms such as espionage, terrorism, and digital forensics. It combines state-of-the-art practices in intelligence and forensics for the best possible experience for the student.

Executive Protection Training

Executive Security International - ESI offers Certification with a major in Dignitary and Executive Protection, Personal Protection, Security Specialist or Protective Intelligence and Investigations. Students enroll in ESI’s programs from all over the world, majoring in a Program that is a combination of Distance Education, nine Independent Study courses completed at home, and a 15 or 20 Day Resident Training in Aspen, Colorado. All ESI core programs and Modular Courses are approved and regulated by the Colorado State Department of Higher Education.

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  1. I Wilbert would like to know if I can obtain a MS Degree in private investigation, with three domestic dispute felonies on my record.
    And I would like to know if I can obtain a private investigation license by the department of Justice. I live in the state of CA,
    Thank you very much for your time and information.

  2. There are many private detective companies which develop private detective training. In most cases we need at first to read some materials and books related to detective services before doing any in field training. In Romania after the training and courses, Police will examine your skills on private detective services and then they give you a license.

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