Private Investigator Books

The book store for private investigators, police officers, and security professionals is an extensive collection of best-selling books, ebooks, textbooks, reference guides and manuals related to the investigation industry.

Examples of book categories include: Private Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, Background Check, Accident Investigation, and more.  In addition, you’ll even find detective fiction novels, mystery fiction and crime fiction.

Both novice and experienced detectives use books and textbooks to learn new investigative techniques and disciplines as an alternative to expensive private eye training courses or university degree programs.

Investigative specialists, crime scene investigators, and forensic specialists  use our book store to build a library of best selling detective novels and hard to find private detective reference books, manuals, magazines and guides.

Most of the P.I. bestsellers in this bookstore are available at the lowest price through for under $30, which often includes free shipping.

Best Selling Private Eye Books

Following is a list of the top-selling titles for P.I.’s.  Most are non-fiction books as opposed to fiction and many are also available in other formats such as eBooks and audiobooks.