Private Investigator Books and Reference Guides – Page 1

Private Investigator Books and Reference Guides – Page 1

Private Investigator books, guides and reference manuals are a great way to learn about private investigations and expand your investigative knowledge.  Learn new investigation techniques, surveillance skills, crime scene intelligence, and more.

Process of Investigation, Third Edition: Concepts and Strategies for Investigators in the Private Sector  – Private Investigator Book Description – A valuable handbook for investigators working in the private sector. You get what you pay in this book.  This is an effective and valuable investigative manual.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Private Investigating, 2nd Edition – The gumshoe go-to private investigation book.  This is the book on private investigation, whether you want to establish yourself as a professional or just use some of the tools of a P.I. for your own business. You’ll get the low-down on pre-employment research, tenant screening, adoption searches, safeguarding yourself from investigation, and much more.

  • Completely revised with all-new chapters on skip tracing and due diligence searches
  • Skills and techniques for average citizens, as well as professionals
  • Includes the most useful and little-known databases

The Investigator’s Little Black Book 3 – The third installment of the Investigator’s Little Black Book provides an extensive collection of resources for private investigators.  The book provides a huge list of information on a variety of topics, and most sections have either a phone number or internet address if you need more information on the topic. This edition has helpful information on electronic eavesdropping, caliber comparisons, a guide to concealed weapons, and over 30 more topics essential to the private investigator.  The book is designed to be the type of reference guide that you pick up when you need it, rather than reading it from cover to cover.

You Too Can Find Anybody – Information on thousands of government and law enforcement agencies, records departments, and licensing bureaus used by private detectives.

From Zero to Adam and Eve in Fourteen Billion Years – Investigate Life’s Biggest Mystery – Book investigates two very dichotomous theories on the creation of the universe. Namely, interpretations of the creation according to the Bible’s book of Genesis, and the creation according to the scientific record of evolution.  The book investigates and parallels a sequential scientific account of the birth and formation of the universe with the Genesis account of creation in the New American Standard Bible, including the creation and evolution of mankind from time zero to the present time. Read an insightful investigation of why both evolution and creation theories are true from both a scientific and creation point of view. Read about creation vs. evolution.

Private Investigation and Process Serving: A Comprehensive Guide for Investigators, Process Servers and Attorneys –

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