Police and Crime TV Series on DVD

Many people develop their original interest in becoming a private investigator or police officer from watching their favorite police and crime series on TV. Whether it was watching Thomas Magnum cruise around Hawaii in a red Ferrari, or quoting Colombo’s famous line, “Just the facts ma’am” it’s hard not to think they were cool.

Although Hollywood’s depiction of law enforcement officers and private investigators often over-glamorizes the profession, the wide variety of investigation shows, police dramas, and crime scene investigation series help position private investigations as a desirable and interesting career.

Police dramas, crime scene investigation shows, and legal television series are a standard part of the programming on any major network. In addition, the classic private investigation TV shows often run in syndication and most are available on DVD and video as listed below.

Most TV shows are based on fictional characters, but many of the plot lines are pulled straight from newspaper headlines.

Following is a list of our favorite TV shows for private eyes:

Many of the TV series run in syndication and are also available through online television networks like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. In addition, all of the police dramas and crime TV series are available on DVD on Amazon.com.

Many of the DVD sets include extras and bonus features such as: interviews with the cast, crew, director and producer, bonus episodes, made-for-TV movies, promos, montages, and never before seen footage.