Police Books: An Inside Look at Law Enforcement and Detective Work

Police Books: An Inside Look at Law Enforcement and Detective Work

Private investigators often have prior experience in law Enforcement.  Many P.I.’s worked as a police officer, detective, sheriff, or even for the FBI.  Whether you’re a former police officer or thinking about pursuing a career in law Enforcement, the following books will help you:

  • Learn what it takes to become a police officer or to work in the field of serving and protecting
  • Learn what type of training is required, and which schools and training courses are the most effective
  • Learn about the different legal agencies, their purpose and function, and how they work together
  • Learn about the equipment, tools, and weapons used by an officer

The following books provide helpful information on the day to day lives of those who work in the industry.

Emotional survival for law enforcement: A guide for officers and their families – An indispensable guide for officers and their families. This book helps officers and families recognize the deterioration in behavior that can occur as a result of police work. In addition, it covers potential strategies that can help improve family life and salvage a career as a cop.

Supervision of Police Personnel – Explains the basics of leadership training for those in a supervisory position in law enforcement. The guide give helpful tips and practical techniques in interpersonal, operational, and administrative work. It touches on the principles of interviewing, employee conflict, discipline, how to enforce policies and procedures, and how to lead a meeting or a conference.

Becoming a Police Officer: An Insider’s Guide to a Career in Law Enforcement

This insightful book is geared toward people who are considering pursuing a career in the industry. The book explains the overall career field and identifies some of the pitfalls you may encountered in certain jobs and how to avoid them. The book covers such topics as:

  • How to evaluate your suitability for a career
  • How to recognize and ignore bad advice
  • How to advance rapidly toward self-sufficiency
  • The importance of integrity

This guide is a valuable insight for those seeking a career in the honorable and important profession. If you are thinking about becoming a cop, this is a great place to start.

John Douglas’s Guide to Landing a Career in Law Enforcement – The ultimate insider’s guide to pursuing a career in one of the hottest, fastest-growing career sectors in America. Written by a New York Times Best Selling author and FBI profiler named John Douglas. The book provides an overview of various agencies and the career opportunities that are available within each. Includes self-evaluation tools, checklists and worksheets to help guide you in your search.

How to Prepare for an Interview and Obtain a Job as a Law Enforcement Officer

This is an excellent book for those preparing to enter this exciting and dangerous field. It explains how to prepare for interviews, write a great resume, how to prepare for tough questions, and more.

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