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Glossary of Investigation, Legal and Law Terms

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Glossary of Investigation, Legal and Law Terms

Following is a list of terms and definitions related to private investigations, law enforcement, and the legal process.

These investigation definitions are provided to help private investigators and police to understand the meaning of various legal terms used by lawyers, attorneys, law enforcement, and other legal professionals. During the course of their work, detectives will have many interactions with attorneys and employees involved in the legal system and the courts.

Having an understanding of the terms and their definitions will help private investigators “speak the language” of their craft. The more well-versed you become in the language of law, the more valuable you become to your clients, as you’ll be able to help guide them through the complexities of the legal system. In some cases, it will help you know when you can “bend” the law.

Click on a term in the list below to view the definition and recommendations for additional resources related to the term.

Our list of private investigation and legal terms is constantly growing, so check back often.

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