Cell Phone Spy Gear

Cell Phone Spy Gear

How to Spy on Cell Phones and Wireless Phones

Private Investigators use both software and hardware to spy on cell phones and conduct cell phone forensic investigations. These spy devices and software tools allow you to spy on cell phones, get data from mobile phones, read SIM cards, SMS interceptors, and more.

Following are some spy equipment options and software for spying on on Cell Phones and Wireless Phones.  Please note that these spy products are not intended for intended for illegal use. The user of these products takes full responsibility to obey all effective and relevant laws which may prohibit the usage of such a product.  Be sure to check your state and local laws before purchasing mobile phone spy software and hardware.

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Cell Phone Spy™ Reads Deleted Texts

Product Compatibility – Not compatible with Verizon Phones, Smartphones (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, etc.), Sprint, Nextel, Alltel Phones

• Compatible with some prepaid phones. Call customer service for all compatibility questions.
• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Window 7 32-bit OS only
• Not compatible with Mac OS or Linux OS
• The phone must be set to store text messages to its SIM card. This product will not recover data that is stored on the phone’s internal memory.

Gone But Not Forgotten Loss is one of the worst feelings imaginable. Whether it’s the loss of a job, a game, or just a missing key, there is nothing harder than the feeling of powerlessness in the inability to bring something back. In the digital age, however, not everything that’s gone is truly gone forever. The Cell Phone Spy™ USB SIM Card Reader you can view deleted text messages from a cell phone. The Cell Phone Spy™ allows you, a concerned parent, or loving spouse, to monitor your child or spouse’s mobile interactions with others; because these days, it’s not always obvious who they are talking to.

This easy-to-use cell phone spy elite software offers you peace of mind that no matter whom your loved ones are texting, you know they will be safe and responsible. How It Works Using the Recovery Pro cell phone spy software included in this package, it has never been easier to manage and control the data on your SIM card. Simply remove the card from your compatible phone*, slide it into the USB SIM card reader, and insert the reader into your computer’s USB drive. From there you can copy your phone book onto your PC, enabling you to manage and edit all of your phone’s contacts. This data can then be transferred to a different SIM card in the unfortunate event of a broken or dead phone. This elite USB SIM card reader software also empowers you to view the last 10 numbers dialed, and, of course, view all deleted text messages stored on the SIM card. You can combat the powerlessness of lost or deleted data with the Cell Phone Spy™ SIM Card Reader.

Included in this package: Cell Phone Spy™ USB SIM Card Reader (Size: 2 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 1/8″) Recovery Pro Cell Phone Spy Software CD User Guide * Please note: not all cell phones have SIM cards that are compatible with this cell phone spying reader. This product will not work with the following: Some Nextel/Sprint 2-way phones Alltel (CDMA) All Verizon Phones *Disclaimer: Please verify that your phone is set to store text messages to the phone’s SIM card. This product will not recover data that is stored in the phone’s internal memory. You can verify this information by looking in your manual

Cell Phone & GPS Detector

Product Overview:

  • Find any GPS trackers or cell phones in your immediate area
  • Scan for hidden tracking or listening devices Detects tracking devices emitting most common frequencies
  • Quickly Scan a Room & Find Out If You’re Being Spied On

As GPS trackers and listening devices become smaller and easier to hide, there’s a chance that someone might be tracking your every move or listening to your every word. To make sure that you always maintain privacy, the Cell Phone & GPS Detector helps you find any hidden listening or tracking devices. This device scans the airways to detect GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and DCS frequencies; the most common frequencies emitted from tracking and listening devices. The portable and handheld device lets you scan your home, office – no matter where you are – so you can be sure that your privacy is protected.

Features: Find any GPS or cellular devices in the area Cell phone detection tool helps you locate any hidden or lost cellular or GPS devices Finds and detects devices transmitting GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA transmissions such as cell phones, listening devices, and GPS trackers Popular Uses: GPS detectors help you sweep your car for any hidden GPS trackers Cell phone detection tool helps you locate a lost or hidden cell phone Make sure there are no hidden listening devices hidden in your home, office, or car Cell phone detection tool scans for hidden audio surveillance devices

Includes: Cell Phone and GPS Detector Li-ion rechargeable battery AC power charger Earphones

Cell Phone Recon

Product Compatibility

• Compatible with Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS smartphones, including models by Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, and many more. • Click here for a list of compatible cell phones and FAQ
• Compatible with carriers including T-Mobile, Spirit, O2, Orange, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T, and more.
• Please note: A data plan with an internet connection must be enabled for software to work.

• Currently, the Cell Phone Recon is not compatible with the Windows Mobile 7 OS, but our technicians are hard at work to make sure it will be available as soon as possible. Product Overview: Access all calls made and contact numbers, read e-mails and text messages Remotely monitor smartphone activity from your computer View text messages, numbers called, and contact information Tap into the phone’s GPS to pinpoint its exact location in case of loss Mobile phone spy runs covertly in the background and logs all activity for later review Tap into Text Messages, E-mails, and Contacts Remotely on Any Computer

The Cell Phone Recon makes cell phone monitoring easy. Whether it’s a Blackberry, Android, or almost any other phone, once the covert application is installed, you can easily access your smartphone’s data from any Internet enabled computer and view exactly what the user is texting, e-mailing, and who they’re calling. All information is stored on a secure network, making this mobile phone monitoring tool the perfect way to backup and store all sensitive information. With a feature that taps into the phone’s GPS location, you can monitor a cell phone’s whereabouts and quickly find your phone if it is lost or stolen. The first mobile phone monitoring device designed to work remotely and covertly, the Cell Phone Recon makes monitoring your kids, employees, or spouse simple.

Disclaimer: The software must only be used to monitor mobile phones when the owner/user has given permission for you to do so. If the software is installed on a mobile phone whose owner/user has not given permission, then you could be liable for legal action. Compatibility: BlackBerry Android Symbian Windows Mobile 6 Outgoing Calls, Incoming Calls, Missed Calls
• Outgoing SMS
• Incoming SMS, GPS Locations (at every 15 minutes)
• Contact Backup
• Outgoing Emails
• Incoming Emails

Key Benefits: Get detailed records of all phone activity Monitor numbers dialed – even if the call logs were deleted View all text messages Access and backup phonebook contacts Read full e-mails (Note: Does not monitor incoming or outgoing e-mail for Android, Symbian OS or Windows Mobile Smartphones.) Access GPS information to pinpoint the phone’s exact location (Note: Does not track GPS location for Symb

Cell Phone Spy Elite: SIM Card Reader

The Improved SIM CARD SPY ELITE – Sim Card Reader Will Give you Detailed Reports On Your Computer Deep Forensic Recovery – Most Deleted Information Recovered

Will Read Sim Cards & smart cards Advanced Data Management View, Backup, Edit, & Print Names/Numbers/Text Messages – SMS Works With All SIM Cards – Industry Standard Smart Cards & SIM Readers* Easy 3 Step Cell Phone Spy Elite Use View and Edit Deleted Text Messages & Last Numbers Dialed Worried that your significant other is cheating on you or that your child is inappropriately text messaging? Find out the truth with The Cell Phone Spy Elite Sim Card Reader! One of the best Cell phone Spy Products Available. This revolutionary SIM card reader not only extracts deleted data from ANY SIM card but it also works on Smart Cards for review of all data on your computer. View all information including deleted text messages, contacts, numbers last dialed and more, directly on your computer. Ensure your child’s safety or your lover’s fidelity by reviewing text messages and calls on your computer. Works with ANY SIM card or Smart Card.

  • #1 SIM Card Recovery Tool
  • Trusted By Private Investigators For Deep Forensic Analysis & Reading SIM Cards and Smart Cards
  • Parents Investigate Teens Sending Racy/Nude Text Messages & E-mails From Cell Phone if; Used By Private Investigators For Forensic Cell Phone Analysis
  • Reads SIMs & Smart Cards
  • Law enforcement agencies trust The Cell Phone SIM Card Spy Elite to gather private, even deleted data from cell phones

With the ability to read both SIM cards and Smart Cards, this data recover tool lets law enforcement recover all deleted texts, private information, and possible evidence. This device offers advanced data management so that law enforcement agencies can take their investigations to the next level with detailed reports. Now available to the general public, this tool gives you professional quality results.

Detailed Reporting & Data Management For Cell Phone Information Backup

Use The Cell Phone SIM Card Spy Elite to manage your contacts, phone book, and sent messages. Backup, save, edit, and delete all information onto your computer including text messages, contacts, and insert special commands. After backing up your cell information, you never have to worry about losing contacts or important text messages if your phone breaks or gets lost.


  • View, edit and print all names and numbers stored on your SIM card
  • Transfer numbers and data from one SIM card to another
  • Manage SIM card features and PIN security
  • Organize, update, and exchange phone contacts data
  • View stored SMS messages and insert special commands
  • Works with all industry standard Smart Card and SIM readers

Includes: 1 USB Cell Phone Spy Elite: SIM Card Reader 1 Cell Phone Spy Elite Software CD User Guide Size: 2 1/2″ x 3.4″ x 1/4″ F

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