Private Investigator Jobs

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Find jobs and careers in the investigation field and related industries. Learn where to find the best positions and how to get started as a detective.

Private Investigator Training and Development Requirements

Private Investigator training is offered by a number of specialized investigation training firms.  In addition, many colleges and universities offer detective training courses and continuing education programs that are beneficial for private investigators and those who are interested in pursuing

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Mystery Shopping and Secret Shopper Services: Check Out Your Company

Mystery shopping is used by market research companies to measure the quality of retail customer service provided by company employees.  Mystery shopping companies send secret shoppers into the facility to interact with the business as a normal customer and provide

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How To Become a Licensed Private Investigator in the United States

Learn about Detective Licensing, Training and Education, and Services Provided by Private Eyes Following is guide that explains how to become a licensed private investigator. This reference guide includes a general overview of the private investigation profession, a state-by-state listing of contact

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Private Investigator Jobs and Investigation Careers

Following is a list of private investigator jobs and careers, as well as jobs related to the private investigation industry. Companies in every industry, both large and small, hire private investigators to perform a variety of jobs such as background

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Private Investigator Salary Information: How Much Does a P.I. Earn?

How Much Money Does a Private Investigator Earn? Private Investigator salary and earnings vary greatly by employer, investigative specialty, and geographic area. Many private eyes are self-employed and operate as an independent small business. As a result, they typically do not

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