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The latest private investigator software designed to help detectives conduct investigations, run online search reports, perform case management, run reports for clients, and complete business related tasks.

Case Management Software for Private Detectives

What is Case Management? The term Legal Case Management is the information management and workflow practices that are tailored to meet the legal and investigation field’s specific needs and requirements for managing legal cases. As attorneys, law firms, and private

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Mobile Phone Spy Software for Monitoring Cell Phones

Are your children or employees abusing the privileges of texting and calling on their mobile cell phone?  Are you worried they are using their cell phone for inappropriate activities?  Or, are you worried that your spouse may be cheating on you

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Serve Manager – Software for Process Servers

Serve Manager is a software package for Process Servers, who serve subpoenas, summons and other court documents to individuals and businesses. It is specifically geared toward process service activities, which may not be easily managed with a typical case management

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PI DirectLink – Investigative Case Management System

Private investigators use case management systems (CMS) or case management software to manage information related to their cases, clients and employees. Using such systems helps private eyes stay organized and operate more efficiently. The more modern CMS tools are cloud-based

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Computer Forensics Software Every Private Detective Should Know About

The days when the private detective could find all the information he needed during an investigation with only a gun and a quick fist are long gone. If you are serious about becoming a private detective in the 21st century, then you’d

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Net Detective and Net Detective Plus Search Software

A Review of the Popular Online Internet Search Program Following is a review of the Net Detective software program. Please note that we are not the distributor of this program, nor do we recommend using it. Please see our background

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Computer Monitoring Software and PC Spy Tools

Computer PC monitoring software programs allow you to monitor locally, and in some cases remotely, the activity of a computer or computers.  Typical activity of computer PC monitoring software programs includes activity recording, keystroke logging, parental control features, email monitoring,

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Popup Blocker Software for Blocking Unwanted Pop-ups

High-tech, Intelligent Popup and Ad Blocking Software Pop-up Blocker Software is the latest in intelligent popup blocking software combined with privacy protection tools for blocking annoying pop-ups and ads before they reach your web browser.  PopupAgent software kills and stops

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Privacy Agent Software for Protecting Your Computer

Computer History Cleaning and File Deletion Software Secure Military Strength Internet History Cleaning and File Deletion Worried about others seeing what you do on your personal computer, laptop or other electronic device. Do you want to prevent others from seeing

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Real Time Spy PC Monitoring Software for Computers

Monitor any PC from Anywhere Realtime-Spy is the latest in high-tech computer surveillance and spy software that allows you to remotely install a PC monitoring system and access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal

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